Your Security. Our Priority

DIG Delta Force Security sets a new peak of iron-clad security – making the world around you safer.

We provide protection services to ensure the personal security of executives, high-profile, VIPs, businessman escort and celebrities in a range of environments through state-of-the-art level protection provided by our team of battle-hardened veterans from Prime minister office and Swat team.

Needing To Feel Safe Is Something That Hasn’t Changed Much Over Time

Theft, robberies, and other criminal acts, as well as unexpected events, are just some of the real-world dangers people face every day.

We understand that international executives, development staff, and VIPs face increasingly complex security concerns, and so we offer a bespoke service accordingly. If you are a high-profile figure, add a strong layer of protection against these threats through reliable escort security and personnel services.

We Help You Create Your Comfort Zone—Wherever You Go.

Our strategy’s cornerstone is to evaluate and manage our client’s risk profile, which is created as a result of a thorough threat analysis.

Our red team, which often work in high-threat or complex environments, are made to fit the needs of each client by taking into account the whole operating environment, the newest threat, and the security profile of the host state.

Thinking Ahead. We Know The Ropes.

There is not a single space for an error in safeguarding the national interest of the country through top-notch individuals who have been there when the nation has called upon them.

And that is why we are here to provide you with the protection you deserve to carry on the work of the people.

Your Assets Are Always Protected

Special security measures are required for high-profile individuals and high-risk merchandise.

Get our armed escorts to accompany you on all of your outings to lessen the likelihood of being a victim of theft or assault. Our armed guards have all passed extensive background checks and are licensed to carry firearms. They have excellent observation skills that allow them to remain proactive.

Tactical Response

Our highly experienced team is trained and experienced in responding to high risk situations.

The security officers can take control of and effectively manage a situation. They are also qualified and trained to operate various types of security equipment and weapons.

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Escort Security & VIP Protection at its Finest

Anyone can become vulnerable to threats and acts of criminality. These incidents are, however, preventable with DIG Delta Force Security.

We keep safety at the forefront of our minds. Know that your safety is our number one priority.

We’re Close
Our presence and visibility contribute to your overall safety.

Razor-sharp alertness
When something goes wrong, a well-trained security force can respond immediately.

Peace of mind
We ensure that the transporting of your valuable and vulnerable goods can be escorted with the highest level of security precision.

Eliminating the risk
You’ll feel safer knowing that the escorts security around you knows what they are doing


Why Is Our Service Praised All Over The World?

DIG Delta Force Security provides purpose-fit security. fit for the environment, fit for responsibilities, fit for technology, and fit for your requirements


A Team Of Seasoned Veterans

Members of our team have led the Israeli Prime minister office and 730 unit, also serve at the Israeli SWAT' (YAMAM) efforts to ensure the safety of the Prime Minister in the past.


Cyber Security Solutions

We provide the technological tools that shield you from identity risky events, reputational harm, compliance fines, and other potential disasters.


Supply of Combat Equipment

We are an all-in-one security company, and we do not shy away from proving it. We supply you with uniforms, GPS trackers, laser target finders, night vision goggles, parachutes, tactical vests, extended climate clothing, combat tents, and general purpose masks so that you can face the possibility of violence.


Drones Systems

Fighting the intruding danger with technology is something we strongly believe in, which is why we have implemented a system to eliminate any aerial threat.

We Are The Pioneers Of Intelligence Security Solutions

Yes, our solutions are intelligent, like our over-the-top team. We have a closely knitted web of secretive agents that help us get information around the enemy lines through…

Network Intelligence

Tactical and Strategic

Our Touch Of Protection Spread To
Latin America
Middle East
We Have Changed The Landscape Of Security & Protection

Our goal is not just to offer protection services, but to leave no stone unturned in safeguarding our people and valuable assets.

The days are gone where a normal courier could deliver your highly valuable items.

Don’t leave your security and highest-level of protection to “It’ll never happen to me”

We all want to believe the best about ourselves and our lives, and positivity is wonderful.

However, it is sometimes best to ‘expect the best, but prepare for the worst.’

Is it really at the top of your list?

Don’t Risk Your Safety – When You’ve Got a Better Choice.

The power is now in your hands – it only takes one decision today to ensure the highest levels of security for you, your loved ones, and what is important to you.

Your personal security is priceless.